Arthur Machen Collected Works - Arthur Machen

Arthur Machen Collected Works

By Arthur Machen

  • Release Date: 2012-09-19
  • Genre: Horror


"Arthur Machen Collected Works" is a collection of 23 horror tales and Other Fiction Short Stories by Arthur Machen. This is the biggest collection available as a single title.

Included in this collection:

1. The Great God Pan
2. The Shining Pyramid
The Three Imposters
3. The Novel of the Black Seal
4. The Novel of the White Powder
5. The Red Hand
6. The Hill of Dreams
7. The White People
The Angels of Mons
8. The Bowmen
9. The Soldiers' Rest
10. The Monstrance
11. The Dazzling Light
12. The Bowmen And Other Noble Ghosts
13. The Inmost Light
14. A Fragment of Life
15. The Secret Glory
16. The Terror
17. Dr. Duthoit's Vision
18. Out of the Earth
19. The Great Return
20. Far Off Things
21. Hieroglyphics
22. A Double Return
23. The Lost Club