The Science of Being Well - Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Being Well

By Wallace D. Wattles

  • Release Date: 2012-09-20
  • Genre: Spirituality


Illustrated with 18 modern and exclusive pictures.
From the author of "The Science of Getting Rich" and "The Science of Being Great", an extraordinary effective and successful method to achieve the physical well being, have a healthy body and enjoy durable health.

Among the contents:
. How to activate the Health Principle which is in each of us.
. The mental actions to achieve and retain health.
. How to have a healthy body.
. How to eat and drink properly.
. When, how much and what to eat.
. Learn to draw a line between hunger and appetite.
. How to choose the right foods.
. How to eat and chew properly.
. How to breathe and sleep properly.

This book is for those who...
. Want to achieve and retain good health.
. Want to learn simple, practical rules to live healthy.
. Want to lose weight and naturally keep fit.
. Want to achieve the right food balance.
. Want to fully enjoy everything they eat and drink.
. Want to enjoy their body, mind and spirit.

Biographical note
Wallace Delois Wattles (1860-1911) is, together with Thomas Troward, William Walker Atkinson, Emma Curtis Hopkins and Charles Haanel, one of the most famous and influencial exponents of the New Thought, a philosophical and spiritual movement born in the second half of the XIX century in the United States and active ever since. His most successful books ("The Science of Getting Rich", "The Science of Being Well" and "The Science of Being Great") – whose unabridges texts Area51 Publishing has published as eBooks and audiobooks – have changed the material, mental and spiritual life of millions of people and have inspired the film and the book "The Secret" by Australian author Rhonda Byrne, who has revived in the world the greatness and the quality of the New Thought and Science of Mind teachings.