Lost and Found Groom - Patricia McLinn

Lost and Found Groom

By Patricia McLinn

  • Release Date: 2012-09-24
  • Genre: Western Romance
Score: 4
From 875 Ratings


Far Hills Ranch has bound together the Susland family for nearly a century and a half. For just as long, there’s been a legend that the ranch and its family are cursed. Now, says the legend, the current generation is the last with a chance to break the curse. 

A stranger rescues her, then disappears when she needs him most... Until he knocks on her door, years later and half a world away...

On assignment in distant Santa Estella, hardheaded journalist Kendra Jenner finds herself in the middle of a vicious hurricane . . . and unexpectedly in the arms of a stranger who speaks virtually no English. Fear leads to passion that months later leads to a baby, which Kendra fully expects to raise on her own, since her search for the father is a fruitless one. Three years later, "Paulo" shows up at her Wyoming home, identifying himself as Daniel Delligati. He says he's come for his son -- and for her.

Can they have a second chance at love ... when they never had a first chance?

“A beautifully crafted story revolving around two of the most determined characters you'll ever meet, both of whom want only what is right, and best, for the little boy conceived out of what was perhaps only a desperate affirmation of life in a life-threatening situation ... or perhaps the beginning of a love that runs deeper than fear and self-doubt and recriminations. Daniel is a hero to die for, at once vulnerable and courageous, gentle, and iron-willed. ... A thoroughly enjoyable read."" -- From 5* review by Karen Templeton

"...bursting with wonderful Patricia McLinn romantic touches -- powerful characters, strong interplay and fiery moments". --Romantic Times

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Lost and Found Groom by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn begins the contemporary western romance series A Place Called Home. It delivers an emotional, compelling adventure with international intrigue, at the same time the first element of the curse tests the strength and heart of the family that calls Far Hills Ranch home.

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Reader reviews for Patricia McLinn’s A Place Called Home stories:

“Great romance. Page turner.”

“Very intense in places, both with love and adventure.”

“So different from other romance novels…amazing.”

“Liked the twists and turns.”

“I couldn't put it down. I bought the second book, At the Heart's Command. As soon as I finish it, I will buy Hidden in a Heartbeat.”

“This was very good. READ, READ!!!
“If you love emotional stories with complex characters, especially strong heroines and heart-stopping heroes, don't miss this!”

“A book you will read more than once.”

 “Just the right balance of romance, action and mystery.”

“As always with Patricia McLinn's books, this is well written and heartfelt .. . her books never disappoint.” 

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  • Good title

    By Pathart612
    Slow start and then everything jived. Great characters and story.
  • Lost and Found Groom

    By JfhoweV
    A compelling read. I didn’t want to put it down. The author gives insight into so many emotions that we all struggle with in our lives…..not only interpersonal but in choosing mates &raising children.
  • Lost and Find Groom

    By jane2053
    Great read
  • Such a good read!!

    By Lucky Without a K
    Kendra is sooooooo frustrating but honestly that’s what makes this book such a good one! Loved the characters and the story!!
  • Lost and Found Groom

    By rjbor
    A story that you cannot put down, so much going on. One you have to read. The ending was so emotional and heart grabbing I just had to fiinish it. A thank You. Now to wipe my tears of joy.
  • Amazing story.

    By Skiplayer1
    I loved the story and the characters. There’s a lot of pain holding the characters back from true love. In the end everything works out for a happy couple.
  • Great book!

    By IAGram
    This review is of Lost and Found Groom by Patricia McLinn. Note: this review contains spoilers! For all of you who have read reviews of this book where the reviewer slammed the heroine Kendra, this review is not like that! I loved this book and Kendra and thought she was fully justified in her actions. And the author did a fantastic job laying everything out. Daniel lied to Kendra about everything from the beginning and when she tried to find him, and even talked to him in one of his other personas, he would not let himself be found. So no, he has no rights and the birth certificate reads “father unknown.” And when he makes an appearance, he is still going behind her back and lying to her. Lies of omission are still lies. I don’t blame her one bit for not trusting him! With that said, this was a wonderful book full of love and trust. Daniel had to go through so much to figure out how to open up, determine what is truly important, and trust and love others. Kendra had already gone through the process, so she could see the changes in Daniel. I hope you love this book as much as I did and stand by Kendra as she protects her son.
  • Enjoyed thoroughly

    By dream7157
    I enjoyed this story of true love, second chances, and family curses. I look forward to reading the rest of the series,
  • A Place Called Home

    By Neet#1
    So well written, I loved this book. She writes with such depth of scene and characters that they come alive right before your eyes. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.
  • True Love

    By Jjack1969
    This story was really well thought out. It kept my interest and kept building in excitement. I'm glad I read it and will follow it.