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  • End of Time

    By jaraeski
    The best book I have read by Danielle Steel!!! Highly recommend this to anyone who reads her books!!! I cried and laughed, such great stories!!
  • Amazing book

    By Cynthia _c
    Yet again. I've been reading Danielle Steel for over 20 years now. I first picked up Daddy and fell in love with her writing and this book did not disappoint.
  • Very disappointing

    By deltad46
    The story started off well enough, and then it just fell apart with a predictable ending. Really sorry I spent the money on it.
  • Absolutely Poetic and Amazing!

    By AlhLand
    Thank you Danielle Steel for this gift of a story while this world is upside down! Spiritually, I know that there is another time in our future!
  • Until the End of Time

    By Book #8
    I love reading your books, I think I have read just about all of them except some of the new one, which are on my list. Thank you so much for you exceptional talent and expiration that you put into your books, they are absolutely wonderful to read, keep them coming. Nadara Jones
  • love this author

    By Tracy4uto
    She writes wonderful novels
  • Until the End of Time

    By Jeannine Leipzig
    This was one of the best books with an ending that didn't leave you in a loop.
  • Until the end of time

    By canyondweller
    What a fabulous wonderful story!!! Danielle Steel always has the ability to make me laugh out loud and let tears stream down my face. I have read and purchased EVERY single book she has ever published :):):) thanks again sweet lady - for another wonderful story!!!
  • Until the End of Time

    By Bcenters
    Love, love love! I couldn't put it down. I cried which I never do. Would love to see a sequel or movie.
  • Great Book

    By PM Lover1
    This is such a great book. The first part of the book brought years to my eyes and I actually choked up at times. The second part is so enchanting and a beautiful love story. Good work Danielle.