Children and the World - Suniti Chandra Mishra

Children and the World

By Suniti Chandra Mishra

  • Release Date: 2012-08-22
  • Genre: Children's Nonfiction


CHILDREN AND THE WORLD - the first book of SCM QUIZ WIZ Series - aims at creating an interest in children for exploring the immense world of knowledge in its wide spectrum. While the current book focuses on giving the children an opportunity to test their own knowledge-level in 5 major areas - Religions, Literature, Sports, Cinema, and Innovations - further books to be published under this series will take them to more focused areas in World History, Science, Mythology, Inventions, Countries of the World, and other vistas of knowledge. The quizzes are of international standard keeping in view the global readers of tender ages. The best part is: it has a HINT SECTION in the end, so one can 'try' and use his or her brains to guess the right answer and, then, it has an ANSWER SECTION where the final answers are provided. The book can be used both by parents and teachers as an aid to arouse in their children a sense of curiosity for knowledge and, also, as a self-scorer by children themselves.