Empire and Honor - W. E. B. Griffin & William E. Butterworth IV

Empire and Honor

By W. E. B. Griffin & William E. Butterworth IV

  • Release Date: 2012-12-31
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 472 Ratings


October 1945. The war is over. The OSS has been disbanded. But for Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS, the fight goes on…

In the closing months of the war, the United States made a secret deal with Reinhard Gehlen, head of German intelligence’s Soviet section. In exchange for a treasure trove of intelligence on the Soviets and their spies within the U.S. atomic bomb program, Gehlen’s people would be spirited to safety in Argentina.

Only a handful of people know about the deal. If word got out, all hell would break loose—and the U.S. would lose some of the most valuable intelligence sources they possess. It is up to Frade and company to keep them safe.

But some people have other ideas...


  • Very Good Book

    By Killjoynew
    Loved reading this book. The ending should have ended when Cronley and Margie got back together again after the mission was over.
  • Amin Lucas

    By Larry R. Lucas
    This book is a fantastic read, until you get to the end. Them it comes to a dead stop, which leave you saying, what the F---:(.
  • Empire and Honor

    By KC Endo
    A typical great story from two of the best writers today. Loved the story line and the introduction of new characters. Hope a new book is in the works. Keep writing!!!
  • Really?

    By CaseEsq
    W.E.B. Griffin is an amazing writer. I love the mix of historical facts with fiction. This story does a good job weaving the two, but is surprisingly slow-paced and wandering. The ending leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry sir, but this was not your best work. I will continue reading your books because I'm hoping this adventure was just a detour from your normal style. Otherwise, if someone is not already an established reader of your novels, this book will make sure they never become one.
  • Empire of Honor

    By Suzanna99
    This was right up there with the best you have written. I loved it. Thank you for so much joy reading your books Suzanne Schweers Five Stars.
  • A Stinker Part 2

    By Gary43
    Just wrote the following review and got the author wrong. Meant W.E.B. Griffin, not Cussler. This is my 5th or 6th book of Griffin and have enjoyed all the others, but not this one. Rest of my comments below stand. I'm an avid reader of Clive Cussler -- 20 or more of his books --but I couldn't get beyond 120 pages in this one. Far too many superfluous characters, sub-plots and side stories and an aggravating infatuation with German and Argentine military and civilian ranks. Still, am looking forward to my next Cussler read.
  • Probably the best of the Honor series so far

    By Habla_Carnage
    Although I'm fonder if battle descriptions and tactical details, I really enjoy the dialog in this book. If only each book came faster.
  • A Big Disappointment

    By russ1959
    I am a fan and have read almost everything Mr. Griffin has written, but have not enjoyed the works recently. The knowledge about regions and events is lacking. How many times in a book do you have to repeat the mission. Without the nonsense it might only be 200 pages.
  • Left Me Hanging

    By bacci1
    Really enjoy WEB Griffin books. I've read almost everything he has written. So, having said that, I get to the end of over 800+ pages and it just stops. Sure, you want to leave something there so the reader will buy the next one, but the next book of the series is probably over a year out, and I probably would have forgotten most of this one by then. Why not just take 20 pages and close this one out? I was really disappointed!
  • No ending

    By Mark Williams
    Wow come on... I've read most of WEB's work but was very disappointed with the lack of ending. Felt like this should have been part 1.