Othello: The Shakesperience - William Shakespeare

Othello: The Shakesperience

By William Shakespeare

  • Release Date: 2012-11-28
  • Genre: Theater
Score: 4.5
From 15 Ratings


A Hands-on Experience with Shakespeare
Experience Othello in an unexpected and exciting new way with The Shakesperience, which combines an engagingly touchable interface + remarkable audio and video + photos and illustrations to create an interactive Shakespeare experience unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Get Into Reading Othello Faster
Our at-your-fingertip features allow you to more quickly immerse in and engage with the text. 

At Your Fingertips
• Complete glossary with embedded explanations (more than 1,400 terms!) allows you to immediately translate words you don’t know into contemporary English  • The result? Reading Shakespeare is easier and you’ll “get” the play much faster. Simply put, we’ll change the way you read Shakespeare.
Performance Audio and Video
First in a line of groundbreaking ebooks, Othello: The Shakesperience takes you from the page to the stage with audio and video embedded right in the scenes.

Shakespeare’s plays come alive in performance, and you’ll see and hear some of the world’s best, including:
• Video from the historic Market Theatre production – performed in South Africa in 1987 during apartheid • Audio from the legendary Paul Robeson’s 1944 performance • F. Scott Fitzgerald performs Othello’s speech to the Venetian senators • Sir Derek Jacobi acts as your narrator and explains the differences between each performance – you’ll experience scenes changing based on how they’re performed! • And much, much more
Our visuals come directly from some of the best performances with galleries that burst off the page with photos, production notes, set renderings, and costume designs.

The BEST of the iPad
The Shakesperience makes magic happen with all the best features of your iPad, including:
• Touch, tap, and swipe your way through the play • Feature-packed but in a compact file size and no wifi needed! • Full highlighting and note-taking abilities • Fully reflowable and resizeable text in portrait or landscape views that allow you to read the way you want to • Photo galleries that can be swiped and enlarged bring the play to life
Developed with leading Shakespearean scholars and ideal for students, Othello: The Shakesperience’s dynamic special features enhance the experience and make it the most friendly and fascinating Shakespeare you can imagine:
• How does an actor “Speak Shakespeare”? Former voice coach to the Royal Shakespeare Company Andrew Wade shows you  • A full cast of actors explains how they approached their roles • Othello as performed – the view from the director’s chair • Othello in pop culture, from music and movies to the O.J. Simpson trial
Text Editor
L.G. Black is Senior Tutor, Senior Librarian and Emeritus Fellow of Oriel College at Oxford University. He did his first degree at the University of Cape Town and his doctorate at Oxford. He was Oriel’s first Official Fellow in English from 1978 to 2010. He has been a visiting professor of English in Sweden and Japan, and is an editor of the long-established journal Notes & Queries.


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