Fun With Pi (3.14) - J. R. Whittaker

Fun With Pi (3.14)

By J. R. Whittaker

  • Release Date: 2012-12-28
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


This is a serious book containing a number used for circles and stuff. It is not for the amateur. Always consult a qualified mathematician when dealing with Pi. Consider yourself warned.

About Pi
Hi, I am the author. It is with much delight I am able to provide you with this life changing number called Pi. It took mathematicians many years to discover and is used to do important stuff to circles with.
It is a relatively unknown fact that Pi runs our everyday lives.
You see circles are everywhere and without Pi they would not exist. If circles didn’t exist we wouldn’t have the wheel. If we didn’t have the wheel we couldn’t use a car to buy food at a drive-thru. Then where would we be as a species, back pushing Stone Age square wheels up a hill? That is not the life I want for my children. Do you?

What would you do with an e-book full of Pi?
Give Pi as the reason for your relationship breakup
Email the first 100,000 numbers to a dear friend 3 AM in the morning
Give you something to read on the toilet

The usual price of this e-book is $314, which is an UNBELIEVABLE saving of $313.01
You know that it is an unbelievable price because unbelievable is written all in capitals.
You also get Pi written in Arial font.

I give you my personal guarantee that this is the real deal. You won’t buy this and find it only lasts a few months and have to buy another one.
Apparently there are a number of counterfeit Pi knock offs flooding in from China. Avoid all imitations. How can you tell this is the real deal? Look at my review ratings. Only the elite humans of this world have left me a positive review. Thank you.

What do you get in this e-book?
This book contains Pi to 1 Million places.

Is there more?
By owning a copy of Pi you gain a place as one of the famous elite in history. The same level as the likes of Isaac Newton and Archimedes, both people couldn’t have done science stuff or even drawn a circle without Pi.

Fun things to do with Pi
Count Pi
Count Pi backwards
Recite it to family and friends at birthday parties
Take a cell phone selfie with you and Pi and post on social media

As a Bonus
Place it under your pillow to improve your sleep
Give Pi to your boss for a holiday gift
Some people reported better sex even before reading this book
Put a $ sign in front of Pi to increase your bank balance. With that amount of money you could buy anything. Imagine owning all the cars in the world or Australia.

Don’t wait to buy it now.
Ask yourself how have you lived for so long with-out this e-book?

I can only offer this book for a limited time as Pi may not be around forever.
Everyday mathematicians are working tirelessly on whiteboards while we sleep. Their goal is to replace Pi with a new number. Let us hope that the mathematicians do not succeed.