Conquer Korean 2 - Kim Tae Woo & Kim Yong Woo

Conquer Korean 2

By Kim Tae Woo & Kim Yong Woo

  • Release Date: 2013-01-20
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


★★★ Patent application in process “Learning Vocabularies with Mind Maps” ★★★ 
★★ Mind maps engrave vocabularies in your brain. ★★

★★ Write names of K-POP stars in Korean. ★★
★★ Write titles of K-DRAMA shows in Korean. ★★
★★ Learn Korean vocabularies through well-known Aesop’s Fables. ★★
★★ Practice everyday vocabularies you can apply in real life instantly. ★★

As K-POP gains popularity worldwide, the number of foreigners who want to learn Korean is rapidly increasing. The first step toward learning Korean is to learn vocabularies. To help out such beginners, this book starts by outlining the fundamentals of the Korean language, including the basic principles of consonants and vowels. This book is also helpful for those who are already familiar with the Korean language yet wanting to strengthen their skills with the basics.

The main characteristics of this book are as follows:
* The main texts of “Aesop’s Fables” are composed in such a way that the readers can easily learn the Korean vocabularies in a short period of time.
* The vocabularies are expressed in images and animations for the readers to learn more conveniently.
* The book suggests main expressions in both Korean and English along with pictorial images, antonyms and sample sentences.
* The readers can review the vocabularies through writing the words by themselves.
* The vocabularies get engraved in your brain by reviewing the words as you ‘drag’ the images.
* The pronunciations of the vocabularies are provided in a native-speaking Korean’s voice.

★★ The keywords of this book are: ‘Learning the Korean vocabularies using mind maps.’ ★★
* Mind maps are developed from secret notes of many famous thinkers such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein or Bill Gates.
* Memorize through ‘words! images! colors!’
* Mind maps utilize the ‘language function’ of the right brain and the ‘image function’ of the left brain.
* Mind maps are especially helpful for learning languages.
* Mind maps are effective in the following three areas when learning vocabularies:
- You can associate them better.
- You can remember better
- You can recall immediately

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