Identical - Scott Turow


By Scott Turow

  • Release Date: 2013-10-15
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 3.5
From 347 Ratings


State Senator Paul Giannis is a candidate for Mayor of Kindle County. His identical twin brother Cass is newly released from prison, 25 years after pleading guilty to the murder of his girlfriend, Dita Kronon. When Evon Miller, an ex-FBI agent who is the head of security for the Kronon family business, and private investigator Tim Brodie begin a re-investigation of Dita's death, a complex web of murder, sex, and betrayal-as only Scott Turow could weave-dramatically unfolds...


  • Trite

    By 1501lsd
    Trite, one of his worst books. Not worth the read.
  • Not his best

    By jazbeaux
    Pretty mediocre plot -- the obvious identity of the killer, the conceit re: the twins' prison do-si-do -- all just a bit much. Turow is always interesting, but this was a reach.
  • Ok but predictable

    By joechaf
    I am a big Turow fan, and generally enjoy his work very much. "Identical," however, didn't really do much for me. The twists and surprises that Turow generally springs on the reader so well seemed telegraphed and predictable here, and all of them left me with a "hmmm" instead of a "WOW!" It's not BAD, by any means, but for me, it's just not as good as what I expect from him.
  • Identical

    By Good read!
    This was another Turow home run. I'm so surprised at the other reviews that criticize the characters lifestyles and political opinions. Books will become pretty one dimensional when we limit our reading to those that mirror our prejudices. Great novels are diverse!!
  • Great Story!

    By Butchiez
    I have read all of Mr. Turows novels and thoroughly enjoyed each one. I also enjoyed 98% of this one. However, I was offended by the continual references and insertion of political positions evidently held by the author. When I read a fictional novel, I do so for entertainment. If I want to experience the pushing of a liberal (or for any) political agenda, I will read non-fiction or watch Fox News or MSNBC. For this reason, I will no longer purchase works of "fiction" from this author.
  • Would have given it 41/2 stars

    By Grammiebud
    I usually read two or three books a week, mainly murder mysteries. Since my local library did not have any new releases, since I already read them, I purchased this ebook. Loved the main plot, loved the twists and turns. Only gave it a three because there was absolutely no reason for the subplot, the gay VP of security. I am sick and tired of someone being in a gay relationship being shoved down my throat. It may be a fact of life, but it does not belong in every new book or most movies, even television shows. So, only 3 stars.
  • Another Turow masterpiece.

    By Jim Hemphill
    I'm not sure if there's another writer quite like Scott Turow, a novelist who combines the pleasures of popular fiction with the insights and philosophical heft of great literature. IDENTICAL is another of his masterpieces, a meditation on the complexities of love, regret, resentment, and ambition that floors you with its observations about human nature while thrilling you with the sheer majesty of its storytelling craft. As smart as it is fun, and as moving as it is unpredictable, this is a great, great book.
  • Identical - average read

    By FrontierCC
    Wait till this is $3.99 read