The Dog Training How to Guide: Basic Facts on Dogs You Need to Know Before You Bring One Home! - Victoria Mason

The Dog Training How to Guide: Basic Facts on Dogs You Need to Know Before You Bring One Home!

By Victoria Mason

  • Release Date: 2013-02-13
  • Genre: Nature


New Book Exposes Tried And True Methods Of Dog Training Professionals

Everything a beginner needs to know to become an expert at training their dog before they even bring them home.

The Dog Training How to Guide - Basic Facts on Dogs You Need to Know Before You Bring One Home! is more than just a dog training book. Like a certified and experienced trainer, it offers all of the guidance and experience necessary to learn everything there is to know about dog training so that you can be ready for your new family member before they even make it into your home.

Dog training today is unlike what it was a few years ago. Gone are the days of simply allowing your dog to roam freely without any guidance and then hitting them if they don’t behave as you want them to. Dogs are one of the smartest animals on the planet, and professionals have known for years just how advanced their ability to learn is, as long as they have a willing and able teacher. Caring for your dog as you would your own child, is an essential part to ensure they have a healthy, happy and well-behaved life.

In this book, author Victoria Mason provides proven strategies laid out in an easy to read format, so that both the dog training novice and even experts have something to gain. Some of the insider knowledge and tips included in the book are:

- Basic Items You'll Need to Care for Your Dog
- Proper Nutrition and Feeding Tips
- What to Expect at the First Veterinarian Visit
- How to Socialize Your Dog and Why it's Essential
- How to Care for Your Dog's Nails, Teeth, Eyes and Coat
- And much, much more
While most dog training books tend to focus on advanced strategies that only truly experienced professionals would know how to implement, The Dog Training How to Guide takes the reader by the hand and shows them successfully time tested and proven techniques that work regardless of their experience.

In fact, the aim of this book is to take people from wondering “How do I raise a dog properly?” to knowing the ins and outs of the dog training process, getting their first dog and then being ready to take on more in future if they so desire. It is definitely a great read for anyone looking to become a responsible dog owner, and to limit the learning curve that often is involved with owning your first dog.