The Scrapbooking How to Guide: Ideas for Scrapbooking and Turning Moments into Memories! - Victoria Mason

The Scrapbooking How to Guide: Ideas for Scrapbooking and Turning Moments into Memories!

By Victoria Mason

  • Release Date: 2013-02-13
  • Genre: Photography


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The Scrap booking How to Guide - Ideas for Scrap booking and Turning Moments into Memories! is more than just a “how to” guide on scrap booking. It takes the reader by the hand and shows them everything they need to know to build their own scrapbooks, and then apply that new found skill towards becoming an industry professional.

Ever since the invention of the photograph, people from all walks of life have created ways to save and share their memories with themselves and others. While the idea of the scrapbook is not a particularly old concept, it is something that has become increasingly popular over the years.

From a retiree looking to put together memories of the past, to young women working to keep a living record of all of their life’s experiences, and everything in between, scrap booking is truly a time honored tradition that is celebrated regardless of one’s age or gender.

Although we are now living in a digital age where more and more people are turning away from physical photos and books, the interest in scrap booking has increased tremendously over the past few years in particular, and has turned into a multi-billion dollar business that only shows signs of continued growth.

In the last several years, scrap booking has taken on a new life. No longer are these albums simply photos and labels or a couple of prom tickets taped to a page. Now they are elaborately styled memory books with fancy embellishments and features. Some people consider scrap booking an art form, and when you look at some of these pages, you might just agree.

In this book, author Victoria Mason provides an extremely thorough overview of scrap booking that will provide its readers with everything they need to know to go from being a scrap booking novice, to becoming an expert and possibly even a professional should they have the desire to earn a living from their talents. Some of the insider knowledge and tips included in the book are:

- Why Scrap booking is so Popular Today
- What You Need to Get Started
- Basic Tips and Tricks for the Novice Scrap booker
- Advanced Techniques for the Experienced Scrap booker
- How to Turn Your Passion for Scrap booking into a Business
- And much, much more
While most “how to” books tend to focus on only a specific technique, The Scrap booking How to Guide guides the reader from start to finish so that they not only understand the origins of scrap booking and why it is important, but also learn basic and advanced techniques and how to apply it professionally if desired.

The Scrapbooking How to Guide - Ideas for Scrapbooking and Turning Moments into Memories!