Core Words- Preschool - Tonya Holly

Core Words- Preschool

By Tonya Holly

  • Release Date: 2013-03-02
  • Genre: Education


Attention: Parents and Teachers

Core Words is an easy to use flashcard styled eBook. This is a great collection of commonly used words at the core of our everyday vocabulary. They are often referred to by educators as: first words, sight words, Dolch words, priority words, wall words, and high frequency words.

Your child can practice them anytime, anywhere! The key to basic learning and memorization is repetition. The more your child engages in these flashcards, the more likely they can recall them and build their word bank. Consistent practice will improve their spelling and reading skills; help them build other words; and prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Check out this color coded series, which introduces grade level word cards: preschool (blue), kindergarten (orange), first grade (green), second (gray), and third (purple). For ease and understanding, each word is presented in a dialog box and then used in a simple sentence; which you can read to them initially. As they increase their vocabulary, they can flip through the prior level cards and read by themselves.

The Core Words BIG BOOK (white) features all reading levels and has over 250 flashcards. They are best used as study aids to test their word recognition.