Inherit the Dead - Lee Child

Inherit the Dead

By Lee Child

  • Release Date: 2013-10-08
  • Genre: Hard-Boiled
Score: 4
From 184 Ratings


This New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller is a collaboration between twenty bestselling mystery novelists who have joined forces to create a spellbinding story of love, betrayal, and intrigue. “Readers can’t go wrong with this juicy thriller” raves Library Journal.

Pericles “Perry” Christo is a PI with a past—a former cop who lost his badge and his family when a corruption scandal left him broke and disgraced. So when wealthy Upper East Side matron Julia Drusilla summons him one cold February night, he grabs what seems to be a straightforward (and lucrative) case.

The socialite is looking for her beautiful, aimless daughter, Angelina, who is about to become a very wealthy young woman. But as Christo digs deeper, he discovers there’s much more to the lovely “Angel” than meets the eye. This classic noir tale twists and turns down New York’s mean streets and along the Hamptons beaches and back roads during a bitterly cold and gray winter where nothing is as it seems and everyone has something to hide.

In this inventive “serial novel” storytelling approach, each of the twenty bestselling writers brings his or her distinctive voice to a chapter of Inherit the Dead, building the tension to a shocking, explosive finale. The editor, Jonathan Santlofer, has arranged to donate any royalties in excess of editor and contributor compensation to Safe Horizon, the leading victim assistance agency in the country.


  • Disjointed

    By Goe45
    One of the most schizophrenic books I’v ever read. Usually, I love these writer collaborations. But this one was repetitive, as if each writer wrote the whole book themselves, and someone drew lots on which chapters to take out of each separate book and then put them all together. Like a fake sampler quilt. It LOOKS like a sampler quilt, but really it’s made of blocks that came from other whole quilts.
  • Dead End

    By Lisa Bateman
    This book was written by multiple authors, I think 20. Each did a chapter, in which I like this idea. And they did a pretty good job. The characters’ personalities were kept the same throughout. It was done for a charity and to raise awareness of domestic abuse. I hope I’m getting this correct. While each chapter had me wanting to know what happens next, it was almost sort of repetitive going along. But at the end of each chapter, there would be something that made you want to read the next so bad. I liked how each author added their own little jewel to it. Perry is a P. I. who was once a police officer. As a cop, he had tried to do a drug bust on some well known people in the community, one being a well respected pastor. His higher ups on the police force were all looking the other way, some even taking cuts to cover it up. Perry refused to do this so he got let go. It was made to look like he bungled up the case because the wrong person got arrested and was choosing to take the fall for the bd guy. This was something that never got resolved. That was just life. I read to get away from the real world so I was hoping this would all be brought to light and Perry’s honor restored. Perry is hired by a well to do lady to find her missing daughter who happens to be 20 years old and hasn’t seen her mother in a year I think. The dad who is no longer married to the mother, says she has been missing for two weeks. The story is about Perry’s search for Angel and where it leads him. He is untrustful of the mother and the father, along with some other characters the girl spends time with. I didn’t like the parents. No wonder the girl isn’t around. And everybody has secrets of their own. It was a kind of dark and mournful kind of read. My heart aches for Perry with his loss of being a policeman and how honest he had been. He had also lost his wife who got custody of the daughter. His family for generations had been cops. His dad and his dad’s dad and so on. He lived and breathed it. I really didn’t care for his ex wife, what little I knew about her. No one seems to have any redeeming qualities. But all the while, at the end of each chapter, there is someone following Perry. The narrator is telling that part in the stalker’s voice. It is really intense and suspenseful. This is what really had me reading on and on. I’m still messed up about the ending. It sucked and left me feeling like the pieces didn’t line up and there needed to be either more chapters for closure and to tie up loose ends or another book. If you are in the mood for a solemn read, this would be the one. It’s one of those you love and hate at the same time but, like a bad car wreck, you can’t seem to look away. Oh, that’s another thing, this stalker tries on multiple occasions to kill Perry. In the end, someone winds up dying, but I’ll let you read and find out who that will be. I listened to the audiobook. The narrator was SO GOOD! I LOVED him. Especially the stalker’s voice. It was very creepy and fun.
  • Inherit the Dead

    By Jeffs1121
    A girl is missing and her mother hires a disgraced former NYPD detective to find her. She must be found quickly as she has to sign trust papers giving her and her mother hundreds of millions of dollars on her 21st birthday...not the day before or the day after. The hunt is on. This book is choppy at best as many authors collaborated in the writing if this novel each writing one chapter. Each author has their own writing style and it just doesn't mesh at all.
  • Inherit the Dead

    By Skeptic625
    Was written well but the plot was transparent. I had figured the hook by chapter three. Don't want to give anything away but I also had the big 'what was it?", immediately. That said it is a good cause and I have no regrets for the purchase.
  • Inherit The Dead

    By jt0706360
    This novel is a very mysterious mystery of a PI searching for the daughter of a very wealthy-but dying patron of NY. Avery good read, perfect book for anyone into mysteries.
  • Inherit the dead

    By Not a mindreader
    How disappointing! Multi authors just confused the story because each felt they had to begin their respective chapter retelling the storyline. So much so they left out much needed dialogue. I just Couldn't get into it!
  • Disappointment

    By Crimsonsasquatch
    I love Charlaine Harris, which is the only reason I bought this book. However, every chapter is written by a different author, so the flow of the book feels wrong. If you can get over that, then your stuck with a "hero" who personally I didn't find very likable but that could be because he seemed different in each chapter. Then your stuck with a damsel in distress who couldn't be more cliche. It's so bad I'm having a hard time even finishing it...still love Charlaine though. It just proves that authors have their own voice, so when you have 20 authors telling a story from one persons point of view it just doesn't work...sorry guys.