Bipolar Manic Dash to Accomplishment-a Challenge - Jon Van Loon

Bipolar Manic Dash to Accomplishment-a Challenge

By Jon Van Loon

  • Release Date: 2013-03-22
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


This small book provides bipolar persons with a lexicon for vocational success. The material will assist parents, employers and health professionals. A handicap can actually be a stimulant to encourage a performance in life that will be well above average. I have proven this in my own case. Despite being bipolar and learning disabled I obtained a PhD in Chemistry and am a Full Professor at the University of Toronto. Many stories exist where handicapped people have excelled in life and I salute these, but I believe that many more could. By telling my own sometimes, bittersweet, mostly driven, often amusing, (The manuscript is peppered with amusing stories from my bipolar life), nonlinear, story and views, I want to demonstrate that even the most seemingly unachievable goals are not only achievable but can be exceeded.