Olga, The Blind Man's Beauty - Michael M. Tickenoff

Olga, The Blind Man's Beauty

By Michael M. Tickenoff

  • Release Date: 2013-02-13
  • Genre: Theater


Borris’s excellent cheese has brought fame and a new prosperity into the life of the village.

But Borris is disheartened by his blindness and his solitude, and so begins to think of a wife. As possible wives and their escorts come to call, the villagers become alarmed. His marriage to an outsider could move the famous cheese away, reverting their lives to much toil with little reward.

Fortunately there is just the right girl—a hard worker, loving and kind—who is still available in their very own village. There is only one slight problem.

Discover a delightful tale of love, dilemma, and insight.