1000 Things To Tell Your Kids Before It's Too Late! - Michael M. Tickenoff

1000 Things To Tell Your Kids Before It's Too Late!

By Michael M. Tickenoff

  • Release Date: 2013-03-18
  • Genre: Reference


This little book is a collection of simple, but powerful principles and proven concepts, contributed freely from many lives: harvested from out of the mountains, forests, fields, gardens and villages of real people.

The author himself accumulated these sayings and quotations in diaries from ordinary, yet extraordinary folks who have carried with them the knowledge of their endeavors and who have not only gained marvelous insights, but are due long awaited honor. I now share and publish this information for all those who gave indefatigably of themselves for the sake of their children and future generations—all without recognition!

These down to earth basic principles will help unravel the mystery of raising good kids and at the same time delve into the secret fountains of a better life for all!