Angel Eyes! Insights to Beyond! - Michael M. Tickenoff

Angel Eyes! Insights to Beyond!

By Michael M. Tickenoff

  • Release Date: 2013-03-30
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


A time arrives when earthly mysteries and serendipitous happenings come together—giving birth to new worlds of thought. So it is with our story called "Angel Eyes!"

A world renowned eye physician meets a new patient whose eyes reveal, and can even transmit unknown depths and un-recognizable phenomena. An intelligence introduces itself, and then goes on to foretell wondrous changes. In time, science and the highest levels of brilliance will be humbled before these unimaginable powers, not yet understood.

This simple story leads each reader right up to the edge of this distant realm but still allows the adventurer to think and ponder on what might be taking place right in front of his or her own eyes. This is a story worth becoming a part of.

This author has gradually become blind hiimself and had his imagination enriched by the experience, growing along with the desire to share his world with others.
So let the magic and mystery begin! Light the way into heretofore unknown insights.