How to Make Him or Her Fall In Love With You! - Victoria Mason

How to Make Him or Her Fall In Love With You!

By Victoria Mason

  • Release Date: 2013-04-21
  • Genre: Family & Relationships


In this indispensable relationship guide you will finally know what lies inside the male and female mindset; you will get tips on understanding the game, anticipating the moves and countering them with unstoppable offense and defense.

'How to Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You' gives readers the real deal about the differences between the sexes when it comes to relationships, intimacy, love and dating and how to bridge them together for a mutually rewarding partnership.

It reveals the many questions women ask like 'How do I know if a Guy is a Good Fit for Me' or 'How do I Find out Where a Man stands In the Relationship'

If you are a man you will learn about 3 Tips on Impressing a Woman on a Date, 7 Romantic Moves that Will Set Her Passions Ablaze,  or Signs that She is Really Not into You and how to move on.

Discover surprising insights into the male and female mentality and learn timeless strategies for taming that unruly beast!

**Bonus Materials Include**

1. (Over 5 Hours of Audio) 
Learn Tips from well-known authors & experts on Dating, Relationships, and Love. Learn what to look for in a potential partner and how to save your time, heart, and sanity in the process.

2. **2 Videos** (15 Minutes) Total

Dating Advice for Men - How to Create A High Impact First Impression

How to know if he or she is just not that into you - A Must Watch!  For those that feel like they have been stringing along in an un-fruitful relationship.  YOU DONíT HAVE TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!  Not after you watch this! 

ALSO IF YOU ORDER TODAY!  AS AN ADDED BONUS ....You will receive a FREE COPY of an ADDITIONAL helpful Book about WHAT MEN AND WOMEN REALLY WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP  which contains nearly 300 pages of helpful, reassuring advice and practical information you need for an enjoyable and confident dating experience!


How to Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You! - A Handbook to Winning in the Game of Dating and Relationships!