Soap Making Made Easy: Second Edition - Michelle Gaboya

Soap Making Made Easy: Second Edition

By Michelle Gaboya

  • Release Date: 2013-04-14
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies


Everything you need to jump start the process of making your own soap, at home!

Soap Making Made Easy is a comprehensive soap making guide, with over 80 pages of useful tips and advice covering all aspects of the soap making process.

Includes EXCLUSIVE, BONUS CONTENT that can be downloaded from our website as an exclusive gift to make Soap Making Made Easy even better value - a beautiful, print friendly PDF with sample soap recipes, instructions, troubleshooting tips and more. Add your own notes to the prints to personalise your comprehensive soap making guide even further.

This Ebook will teach you:
What soap is, and how it works,
The history of soap-making,
The differences between hand-made and commercial soap, and the benefits of making your own,
Tips for beginners,
Sample recipes,
Over 50 unique soap recipes (in the Soap Recipes Ebook),
Tips for selecting a recipe,
The basic equipment you’ll need,
Precautions for working with lye,
How to make bar and liquid soap, using step-by-step instructions for various popular methods – find the one that works best for you!,
How to select the ingredients you want to use, based on the properties they will impart to the finished soap product,
How to color and scent your soap,
How to troubleshoot various problems that might arise,
Ways to package and present your soap,
How to get started with selling your soap for a profit,
Any more!

Michelle Gaboya has been a soap making enthusiast for over 10 years, creating all types of elegant homemade soaps for family, friends and various occasions.

As an avid enthusiast she has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of soap making and is a recognized personality amongst the soap makers' community. She takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and experience with other keen soap makers.

Michelle continues to hone her craft and experiment with new designs and formulas regularly.

Some of the benefits of buying Soap Making Made Easy:
Surprise your friends and family with customized and thoughtful holiday Soap;
Make wedding, graduation or other special-occasion gifts that they’ll remember;
Rest easy in the knowledge that your product is environmentally friendly, is free of harmful additives, and contains all-natural ingredients;
How to work safely with lye products;
The chemistry of soap: what it’s made of, and why it works;
The properties of 36 different soap-making oils, and what kind of soap you will get by using each one;
How to make bar soap using 8 different soap-making techniques;
How to make liquid soap;
How to package, present, and market your product;
How to protect yourself from liability, if you do start selling your soap;
What different colorants do, and what to be careful of;
How to use essential oils to make pleasing scent combinations;
How to make soap for people with dry, sensitive, or oily skin, and conditions such as eczema or psoriasis;
Learn something new, express your creativity, and make something that your family and friends will love!