Bichon Frise - Liz Palika

Bichon Frise

By Liz Palika

  • Release Date: 2010-06-10
  • Genre: Pets


The authoritative information and advice you need, illustrated throughout with full-color photographs—now revised and redesigned to be even more reader-friendly!
Fluffy, white powder puffs with paws, irresistible Bichon Frises are intelligent and adaptable. They're happy up in a high-rise or down on the farm—as long as they're around people! Always ready to snuggle or play, Bichons compete in obedience and agility and make wonderful therapy dogs with their adorable looks and affectionate nature. This guide fills you in on the breed's needs and attributes, covering:
Traits to look for, including the dark eyes and double coatThings you'll need to make your pup feel at homeFeeding, grooming, and healthcareThe importance of positive, firm training to keep the Bichon's natural independent streak under control
Your Bichon will greet you enthusiastically every time you come home. Just don't be gone too long, because you'll be missed!