The Right Choice - Carly Phillips

The Right Choice

By Carly Phillips

  • Release Date: 2013-05-02
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 159 Ratings


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Marry for friendship? Or wait for love?

Advice columnist Carly Wexler has mapped out her entire life, and she’s convinced by marrying her best friend she’ll find happiness. The fact that they have no sexual sparks? No problem. Or so she thinks…until Mike Novak, her finance’s brother, arrives for the wedding.

Could the best man be right choice for her after all?”


  • I really enjoyed these two characters.

    By tsmb02(Sue G.)
    Carly Wexler thinks she has everything in her life mapped out. Since her dad had cheated on her mom, Carly believed that she didn't need to love her future husband, just be good friends. As Carly is getting ready to marry Peter Novack in a few weeks, she didn't expect to be completely drawn to his brother, Mike! Zing....instant attraction! It doesn't help that Mike is instantly attracted to Carly and knows that she shouldn't marry his brother. I really enjoyed these two characters. They both had unresolved issues from their past that they needed to work through before they could truly be happy. I loved how they brought out the best in each other and seemed to genuinely like each other. Their happy ending was just perfect...Loved it!
  • Great read

    By tree7404
    This was a great read. Carly Wexler is engaged to marry to Peter Novak, a lawyer that wants to be a partner in her fathers firm. Then she meets her finances brother Mike who is running from things in his past as she is. This story with many twists. I love Carly Phillips writing even some of her earlier writing which this is. Who will Carly end up with or will she go it alone.
  • The Right Choice

    By NannysDaughter
    This is one of the worst books I've ever read. Character development is nil, protagonist says one thing, then in the next paragraph says the exact opposite. I've also read a couple of her later books and there doesn't seem to have been much improvement. Romance writers have improved greatly in the last 20 years, but this isn't one of them.
  • Carly Phillips Love Unexpected Series is "The Right Choice"

    By Jaymy M.
    I recently had the pleasure of reading “The Right Choice,” an oldie but goody about two souls running from life and personal attachments. Originally written as Karen Drogin, Carly Phillips puts her unique twist on the standard tale of a girl engaged to the wrong guy for security due to past hurt until she meets his brother and put Phillips unique twist on it. As with most of her books, The Right Choice is told with warmth, humor and emotion. Each grapples with hurt, Carly Wexler with her dad’s infidelity and her mother’s refusal to acknowledge it happened afterward, her coldness during Carly’s teens. Carly learns to shut down. Brother and hero Mike Novak uses his job as a photojournalist to hightail it when the possiblity of a connections arise; he leaves so they won’t have the chance to leave him the way his parents abondoned him and brother Peter, Carly’s fiance. Both learn to live and trust again, to give themselves a chance to feel and to trust others. Of course, that means a lot of give, extracting Carly from her engagement to Peter and globetrotting Mike wanting a home. By the end of the book, you even learn to accept Peter as the friend he once was to Carly. Phillips wraps this tale in fun, laughter and heightened emotions. The decriptions she uses, however, are a big part of what makes her tales so interesting. Here are a few examples: "a look that could freeze hot coffee" "The woman would never hold her own in a game of poker, but at least he’d never be left guessing about her true feelings." And thoughts don't just run through your mind in Phillips’ tales. They go "rampaging around her brain." Phillips is a master at using just the description to fit the situation, the locale she is describing. Even something as simple as tasing cotton candy, or that electric energy on contact. While describing Carly’s feelings toward Mike during an outting at an amusement park, Phillips uses terms like rush... dizziness... heady rush tidal wave of sensations... threatening, when describing the something as simple as goosebumps and attraction from a finger nip: "A rush of dizziness assaulted her, but that was like a small wave compared to the heady rush she received when he nibbled on her fingertip with his teeth. A tidal wave of sensations surged through her. Such a simple act threatened her very being." There are people who write books and then there are writers, true wordsmiths, storytellers. Carly Phillips, aka Karen Drogin, is a storyteller — her readers taste, smell, see, hear and feel everything her characters do. This is why I have been a Carly Phillips fan for well over a decade. "The Right Choice" has recently been released in ebook format. Get a copy now for a couple of hours of enjoyable reading.