The Little Red Book of Dad's Wisdom - Nick Lyons & Tony Lyons

The Little Red Book of Dad's Wisdom

By Nick Lyons & Tony Lyons

  • Release Date: 2011-05-01
  • Genre: Parenting


Perfect for fathers, fathers-to-be, and father figures, collected quotations on all aspects of fatherhood that are sure to inform, inspire, and entertain.

Here is a collection of more than 270 memorable quotations about the relationships between fathers and their children—some wise, some thoughtful, and some downright hilarious. The musings, advice, and observations inside are drawn from famous writers, politicians, actors, comedians, athletes, businessmen, and philosophers.

As it says in the introduction, “Great writers of all stripes, psychologists, eminent soldiers and statesmen, comedians, and a span of others have commented on the multi-faceted aspects of a father’s relationship to his son or daughter, or to his or her feelings, and words have been at times wise, at times hilarious, sometimes abrupt or raw, sometimes practical, and sometimes penetrating.”