After The Vows - Claudia Burgoa

After The Vows

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2023-01-31
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 22 Ratings


His mission is to save the world But can he keep his promise? I’m still unsure how I got here. There was Vegas. Alcohol involved. And rumor has it, Elvis was our witness. All that happened ten years ago. Ten. Tall, dark, and delicious, Seth Bradley is some sort of Double-O-Seven. —and my childhood crush. One moment I’m Rachel Green discovering that she’s married to Ross Geller. Next, I have to run for my life. This isn’t how I imagined my happily ever after. Right now, I’m just hoping to get out of this one alive. After the Vows is the first book of the Covert Affairs duet. A page-turner that will leave you gasping with a delicious cliffhanger.


  • He’s a F up

    By LisanneH
    He’s a F up. Honestly? I didn’t care for Seth. He’s not broken or a mess. He’s an immature brat who endangers his family with his convenient hook up, Coco. He intentionally hurts Teddy repeatedly. It’s not because he blames himself for her brothers death. He’s just immature and makes poor decisions. Teddy deserves a far better man that doesn’t use another woman just so he doesn’t sleep with Teddy. I like the family and the organization but Seth just doesn’t get it. On the other hand, the writing is strong. But still, can’t stand Seth and his continued relationship with Coco.
  • Romantic Suspense

    By Hmitch76
    Wow! After the Vows is my favorite kind of love story. Romantic Suspense! (Heavy on the suspense.) Seth Bradley has had a thing for his best friends little sister, Teddy St. James for years. But he feels like he needs to keep away from her for her own good. Teddy has had feelings for Seth Bradley for years, but he always breaks her heart. So she’s determined to stay away from him. But after they appear in the tabloid headlines as a couple, their lives take a crazy turn. It looks like some of Seth’s old enemies are after him and Teddy. Seth and Teddy go through a lot of crazy circumstances together. I was so enthralled with the happenings going on in this book that I didn’t put it down until I came to the last page. I really, really need book two ASAP!
  • Love this Accidental Marriage with a Cliffhanger

    By BBQ griller
    I absolutely loved After the Vows by Claudia Burgoa; the first book in her Covert Affairs Duet, it is another incredible love story. Claudia Burgoa continues to provide readers with incredible love stories filled with amazing characters. She continues to prove that she is an amazing storyteller. I love all the characters in After the Vows, they feel like family! After the Vows filled me with a rollercoaster of emotions, it was impossible to put it down, and I loved every moment on every page. Who does not love hot sexy men, strong females, loving families, and friends, who always support one another? I really enjoy how the book is told in the first person from the perspective of the main characters. I love getting the insight and feelings from the different characters. I love the lighter moments where I find myself smiling and laughing out loud. My favorite moments are the ones that pull at my heartstrings that cause me to sigh, as I read the heartbreaking moments. After the Vows is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. It is filled with all those things that I have come to love and expect in Claudia Burgoa love story, and she did not disappoint, especially with the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner. After the Vows is an accidental marriage and second chance love story between Theodora “Teddy” St. James, owner of TPSJ Life Concierge, which caters to billionaires with unconventional requests and Seth Bradley, co-owner and CFO of Range Communications and Consulting, which he co-owns with Teddy’s brother, Burke. Seth is the son of Ainsley and Mason Bradley and does works with The Organization. Seth and Teddy have been friend with one another since they were children and have had a relationship of convenience with one another for the past ten years. Teddy does not understand why Seth always rejects her after they have been together, part of it is the guilt Seth feels over his role is her brother, Archer’s death, and not being able to locate his body. As a favor to his aunt, Pria Seth agrees to be seen out with one of her PR client’s, Coco LeBlanc. Their relationship ended badly as his Seth’s sister, Grace, and Beacon’s wedding, which led to Seth’s brother, Nathan discovering that Seth and Teddy got married in Las Vegas ten years ago, during her brother Archer’s twenty-first birthday celebration. I love the heart-to-heart conversations that Seth has with both his father, Mason and his sister, Grace. The conversation he has with his father is truly heartbreaking. Seth and Teddy shares things with one another that they have never shared with anyone before, but neither one is willing to admit their true feelings for one another. Coco hires a PI to investigate Teddy and releases information about her and their family’s that put all of their lives in danger. The Organization tries to control the narrative, but Teddy and Seth have to pretend to be married. I love the chemistry between Teddy and Seth, and as they spend more time together on their road trip, things change between them. An unanticipated plot twist occurs which causes The Organization to get involved to deal with the cartel that they thought they eliminated following Archer’s death. My favorite part is the cliffhanger ending, I cannot wait to read the conclusion to find out what happens to Piper, Teddy, and Seth. I love the characters and the family dynamic in After the Vows, the characters feel like family and friends. I enjoyed all the interactions between Bradley and St. James siblings especially their teasing that made me laugh. I loved catching up with some of the other characters in Claudia Burgoa’s books, it felt like a family reunion of sorts. Who does not love family and friends that always have each other’s backs? I thoroughly enjoyed After the Vows, who does not love an accidental marriage, but I am looking forward to reading Love After Us, the conclusion of Teddy, and Seth’s love story. Highly recommend this incredible love story.
  • Wild ride

    By Laura__F
    Since expletives are forbidden in pretty much all the review places, %}*]*#>}+]=] that ending?? And to wait almost two weeks? I don't know if I'll be ok. Seth and Teddy had me crying so much and the end has me needing a Xanax or something. CB's books kill me every time and I'm an absolute glutton for punishment.
  • Great read with the perfect amount of suspense

    By mamagalindo
    Claudia!!! She knows how to have you binge reading, on the edge of your seat and then bammo…the cliffhanger. This is a great start to the duo. The sass between Teddy and Seth is FANTASTIC! These two are so stubborn, feisty and perfect for each other…but again, they are stubborn! They have a fight ahead of them…not with one another ( although they do fight) but with an unknown person/entity. Claudia will have your heart racing, questioning everything and frustrated with her perfect cliffhanger. So looking forward to the second half to find out the additional torture Claudia has in store for us…and hopefully and HEA for Teddy and Seth.
  • Seth and Teddy are my new favorite couple

    By Cheryl33610
    Claudia Burgoa has really taught me to love cliffhangers. Except I hate cliffhangers, because I just want to get to the I’d love to use and happily ever after hours! But she does it so well, that I can’t help coming back for more! After all the books I’ve read of hers, I honestly think that Teddy and Seth have wormed their way into my heart faster than any other couple she has created. From Seth’s torturing of himself for the death of Archer, Teddy‘s brother. To Teddy’s seemingly unrequited love of Seth and her determination to move on. Not to mention, the intrigue and suspense that not only involves a couple, but the whole family. The amount of cameos by not only the Decker and the St. James families, but other favorite characters, is fabulous. I love when characters I’ve already read and loved join the main characters in the book I’m reading. It’s like a gigantic extended family reunion, and I am here for it. There’s not much more I can say without giving away key plot lines. I think I know where this is headed, but I know Ma. Burgoa has a few trucks up her sleeve. But the wait just might drive me crazy! I’ll have much more to say when book 2, Love After Us, is released and I’ve devoured it. Fir now, enjoy all the deliciousness of Seth and Teddy…you won’t regret it!