You Can - George Matthew Adams & General Press

You Can

By George Matthew Adams & General Press

  • Release Date: 2022-07-06
  • Genre: Self-Improvement



'You Can' is a collection of brief talks on the crucial topic of Success by George Matthew Adams, an American newspaper columnist and founder of the George Matthew Adams Newspaper Service, which syndicated comic strips and columns to newspapers for five decades. This book will make you wonder whether you really have it in you to accomplish your pursuits, win over obstructions, and thrive in life. Through the empowering self-help manual, you can. It is written to boost personal growth and well-being for anyone who reads it. 

George Matthew Adams talks about things to be done to pave your way to a fulfilling, flourishing life-such as sitting for an hour in silence to shape your creative vision, going the extra mile in serving others, letting your qualities rule your work, examining your mistakes, learning to utilize time, and much more.

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