You Can't Joke About That - Kat Timpf

You Can't Joke About That

By Kat Timpf

  • Release Date: 2023-04-18
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4
From 87 Ratings


What happens when we can’t joke about some of the most important stuff in life?

In a 2019 study, 40% of people reported censoring themselves out of fear that voicing their views would alienate them from the people they care about most. Those people should probably not read this book in public.

In You Can’t Joke About That, Kat Timpf shows why much of the way we talk about sensitive subjects is wrong. We’ve created all the wrong rules. We push ourselves into unnecessary conflicts when we should feel like we’re all in this together. When someone says “you can’t joke about that,” what they really mean is “this is a subject that makes people sad or angry.”

Hilariously and movingly, Timpf argues that those subjects are actually the most important to joke about. She shows us we can find healing through humor regarding things you probably don't want to bring up in polite conversation, like traumatic break-ups, cancer, being broke, Dave Chappelle, rape jokes, aging, ostomy bags, religion, body image, dead moms, religion, the lab leak theory, transgender swimmers, gushing wounds, campus censorship, and bad Christmas presents.  

This book is Kat Timpf with her hair down, except since hers is mostly extensions, this book is Kat Timpf with her hair out. Read it because you want to get to know her better. Read it because it’s the best book on free speech and comedy in a generation. Read it because you want to laugh out loud… even at the kind of stuff we’re afraid to say out loud. Just read it, and you’ll be glad you did.


  • You can’t joke about that

    By Raybo27
    Cringy and not funny.
  • Keep laughing!

    By tess442
    Great job! Been in some of similar situations you helped make me smile about them! Love the book and you! Great insight into life!
  • A very helpful, non political book

    By TheDoug007
    The author might be a political commentator, or at least on a political show, but I was pleasantly surprised that this very personal, funny and helpful book was not political, really at all. Other than mentioning where she worked or where she went to school (mentioned as background, rather than content ) I wouldn’t have any idea that she was related to politics in anyway, and if I did, I suspect that she was (and she might be for all I know) more liberal than conservative. OK, I got my political misgivings out of the way, so how about the book? This book is a book about the importance of humor, as its title implies, humor in things, that seem hard to be humorous about. Our family, thankfully, is fond of a little bit of gallows humor. I, father of three and married for 38 years have had three kidney transplants a bunch other stuff (related to, and resulting from those transplants) 50 cancer. (I’ll be at skin cancer) surgeries, and I’m now on disability for health issues. It was great to be reminded of the grace and gift that is our families humor. I could not recommend this book more, especially to people who are suffering or struggling in anyway, but also to those who know such people, and that likely is all of us.
  • Laughter is good medicine, jokes are health food

    By rpc36
    Book Report: “You Can’t Joke About That: Why Everything Is Funny, Nothing Is Sacred, and We’re All In This Together” by Kat Timpf. I have seen this author/reporter/news commentator on various streaming news shows and have heard her on a few podcasts and radio shows. I always found her to be hilarious in an endearingly self-deprecating way. I heard about her new book and was curious. It was worth my time and I loved it. It was a belly laugh every second or third page, and the rest of the time she made excellent points about the beauty and perfection of our Constitution where it comes to free speech. Her premise from her early experience as a standup comedian is that laughter is medicine and that jokes are health food. She argues strongly that a bad joke is not violence and can never cause harm, and of course is never intentionally bad. Comedians are trying to funny. They don’t always hit the mark. There is no appropriate punishment for a bad joke other than the comedian who gets the word of mouth treatment that her jokes are not funny. Therefore, she doesn’t get audiences again and is not hired. In a free market, this makes perfect sense. This is such common sense to me, that it strikes me funny that someone felt compelled to write a book about it. We are in a crazy world though that has shrunk horrifically in this digital and social media universe. If we could all take a step back and stop taking everything, especially ourselves, so seriously, we’d all be a lot happier, healthier, and more productive. If we weren’t so busy nitpicking each other’s comments, it’d be a much better world. If you don’t like the comments, tune out, change the channel, unfollow, or simply keep scrolling on by. Mom’s advice when kids were picking on me was, “Ignore them and they’ll quit it.” It always worked. Calling them no-good poo-poo heads was like pouring gas on the fire - negative help. I thought this book was food for thought and held good advice. We should all consider the power we have to listen, not listen and tune out, to stop taking everything so personally, and to figure out how to find our own happy place or safe space without infringing on anyone else and their space, peace, and happiness. Mom also said, “You can’t make other people behave.” Dear ol’ Dad’s corollary to this was, “Don’t try to teach a pig to sing. It’s a waste of time and annoys the pig.” Good book. I highly recommend it. If you don’t laugh at her jokes, you need to assess your attitude. It’s not always all about you and everything is better with laughter.
  • Free speech is not a joke!

    By Supergorgeousme
    Timpf lists the best arguments in favor of telling jokes, a free society needs them, seriously! Read this book to get over yourself and laugh at all the absurdity, it is cathartic. Well written, witty and not too long, would read it again many times and recommend it, especially to grouchy folks.
  • Diamond in the rough

    By Tdglobalconsulting
    A wonderful wit. Smart, intuitive and funny. Love her, love the show. She is the real thing.
  • Love to laugh

    By Mr. Mickey Z
    It reminds me of my mom. Even though we were polar in our political convictions, we could always tell a joke and laugh. I have my grandpa and uncles (mom’s side) to thank for that. I loved and enjoyed this book. It reminds me that not only it’s ok to laugh at life, but also a necessity. Thanks for sharing your stories.
  • I Love Kat

    By FTEC12/31/2013
    Love this book. It’s so true, its better to laugh about life then to go through it with a frown!!!
  • Solid book!

    By P90X-er@48
    I really enjoyed this book. It combines opinions with research and really is a timely topic. If you like Kat on Gutfeld, you will enjoy this book. Even if you don’t watch Gutfeld or never have, you will love Kat’s perspective and delivery. Raw, honest and transparent. Pleased all the way around