Sing Loud, Die Happy - Jim Thompson

Sing Loud, Die Happy

By Jim Thompson

  • Release Date: 2022-08-11
  • Genre: Christianity


Singing is one of the most repeated commands in Holy Scripture. It's right up there with "believe" and "do not fear." But commands like these can feel vaguely spiritual, intangible, or esoteric. You might not know if you're doing them right. Not so with singing. You just open your mouth and make it happen. And when we do, we often get the sense that God is up to something, that he has designed singing to change us. But how? How does singing do its transformative work? Why has God hard-wired singing with such power? What does Scripture teach us about the gift of song? What did the songs of Scripture feel like and sound like? Why does singing awaken something so visceral and emotional within us? And what are the results of being changed by the power of song? Behind all of these questions lies a creative, songful God. He delights in singing. He extends to us a melodic mission. He invites us into intimacy with himself and with his people, and singing is more essential to the journey than we have yet to believe.