The Country of the Blind - H.G. Wells

The Country of the Blind

By H.G. Wells

  • Release Date: 2022-10-04
  • Genre: Short Stories


Thirty-three science fiction and fantasy stories from the celebrated author of such classics as The War of the Worlds, The Times Machine, and The Invisible Man.
Venture to strange worlds from the imagination of H. G. Wells with this collection of tales of science fiction and fantasy. Witness the darker side of humanity in “The Jilting of Jane” and “The Cone.” Learn what a man does when he faces fear itself in a haunted house in “The Red Room.” Travel to an Ecuadorian mountain community deprived of sight in “The Country of the Blind.” Find a curio inside an antique shop in London’s West End that allows you to see Mars in “The Crystal Egg.” Float down the Amazon on a Brazilian gunboat as a captain and his crew fight to save a village from terrifyingly evolved ants. These are just a few of the unusual journeys awaiting readers inside this compilation from one of the greatest science fiction writers in history.