The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries Complete Box Set - Emerald O'Brien

The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries Complete Box Set

By Emerald O'Brien

  • Release Date: 2022-09-19
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


Over half a million copies of The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries series by Emerald O'Brien downloaded to date!

Join Detective Grace Sheppard and reporter, Madigan Knox, in all five novels of this unpredictable series readers are calling "...a beautiful, harrowing tale." "...with more twists than a red vine!"

The complete set with over 2500 pages includes:

Book  1

The Girls Across the Bay

When a woman is killed in their small town, reporter Madigan covers the crime while her detective sister, Grace, investigates. But as they discover a dark personal tie to the victim, the pair must confront secrets buried in their past…  

Book 2

The Secrets They Keep

While detective Grace hunts down a murderer who left a dead body outside a wedding reception hall, her sister Madigan plumbs her own dark history — and grows closer to danger… As the two women delve further into their separate investigations, a shocking link becomes apparent.

Book 3

The Lies You Told

A debt owed. A woman missing.
During their traumatic childhood, Madigan Knox and Detective Grace Sheppard were rescued from their abusive foster home by Officer Tina Morelli. When Morelli goes missing, Madigan and Grace connect with her daughter, eager to find a lead--and their hero.

Book 4

The One Who Watches

As detective Grace investigates two strange deaths, private eye Madigan discovers a stalker is targeting the local medical examiner. Could the cases be connected?

Book 5

The Sisters of Tall Pines

Two sisters with a troubled past.

A murderer with a kill list. How long until he gets to them?

When the sisters discover their foster father was murdered in prison, their goals shift to staying alive. It seems that anyone with a connection to their past is in danger. Someone is tying up loose ends…and fast.

It's a race against time. And it will take more than the bonds they've forged to survive.

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