Morgan Stark FBI Suspense Thriller Bundle: Too Late (#1) and Too Close (#2) - Rylie Dark

Morgan Stark FBI Suspense Thriller Bundle: Too Late (#1) and Too Close (#2)

By Rylie Dark

  • Release Date: 2022-09-26
  • Genre: Women Sleuths


A bundle of books #1 (TOO LATE) and #2 (TOO CLOSE) in Rylie Dark’s Morgan Stark FBI Suspense Thriller series! This bundle offers books one and two in one convenient file, with over 100,000 words of reading.
Morgan Stark, a brilliant doctor, is stunned when his hospital’s resident is found murdered, clearly the work of a serial killer. The FBI needs Morgan, with his medical expertise, to decipher the subtle medical clues that will lead to the killer—but can he crack the code before it’s too late?
FBI Special Agent Danielle Hernandez, 28, a rising star in the BAU, equally esteemed by her colleagues for her brilliance and determination, is not used to turning to a doctor for help in solving crimes. This unlikely partnership, though, may just surprise them both.
In TOO LATE (Book #1), as brilliant as this team is, they are up against a diabolical mastermind who will stop at nothing to outwit them. And going too deep into his mind may just undo them both.
In TOO CLOSE (Book #2), a string of women are found murdered, and Morgan feels certain that they share a similar medical history. But with medical records lost or sealed for privacy, will his assumptions lead him down the right road? Or will he make a mistake, and fail to save the next victim in time?
A cat-and-mouse thriller with harrowing twists and turns and filled with heart-pounding suspense, the MORGAN STARK mystery series offers a fresh twist on the genre as it introduces two brilliant protagonists who will make you fall in love and keep you turning pages late into the night.
Book #3 in the series—TOO FAR GONE—is now also available.