The Golf Swing, Distilled - Pete Styles

The Golf Swing, Distilled

By Pete Styles

  • Release Date: 2022-10-23
  • Genre: Golf


The Golf Swing, Distilled is an illustrated step-by-step guide into a proper golf swing. It features over 40, carefully produced illustrations that along with text clearly show you what to do - and what not to do - in order to play better golf

We’ve all seen the best golfers in the world showcasing their silky skills week-in, week-out, on various professional tours. For the most part, they have golf swings that seem so natural, so efficient and so consistent that replicating them seems too difficult to even contemplate.

My aim, with this illustrated guide, is to break down the complex actions that combine to make a classic golf swing into golf swing basics, and encourage you to incorporate them into your existing golf swing.

The golf swing tips give you a step-by-step guide which focuses on specific aspects of your golf swing, from the takeaway and backswing to the transition and downswing and finally onto impact with the ball, release & extension and the follow through. Think of it as painting by numbers, with the aim of creating a masterpiece!

With my help I’m confident that you can start to play the best, most efficient and most consistent golf you’ve ever played and above all, play the most enjoyable golf you’ve ever played.

Whether you are a golf beginner or a keen golfer already, don’t let poor golf swing fundamentals hold your golf game back!