Positive Influence - Brian Smith, PhD & Mary Griffin

Positive Influence

By Brian Smith, PhD & Mary Griffin

  • Release Date: 2023-02-07
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


Our influence is our greatest responsibility. When we are newborns, we learn solely through the influence of our parents. As we grow up, we begin to be influenced by more outside sources like our peers, media, and even our own thoughts about ourselves. But at a certain point in our development, the tracks shift, and we become aware of our ability to affect those around us with our own influence. Here, we arrive at an apex of choice ā€” will you choose to exhibit a negative influence on others, or will your influence become a shining beacon of positivity?
In the second book in the ā€œIā€ in Team Brian Smith and Mary Griffin hone readers in the fine art of transforming their influence into a force for good; for themselves, the teams they work in, and the environment around them. An indispensable tool for leaders of all kinds, the authors impart the wisdom of influence through these seven core principles:
Composure/Self Control
Taking the High Road
Justification Smith & Griffin upskill readers with the tools needed to stay humble, lead themselves and the people around them well and create opportunities. We all have the power to use our influence to create positive, lasting change in the environment around us. By embodying this unique power to affect positive change around us, we step into a life filled with prosperity for ourselves and all that are touched by our influence.