Matcha Made in Heaven Volume 2 - Umebachi Yamanaka

Matcha Made in Heaven Volume 2

By Umebachi Yamanaka

  • Release Date: 2022-12-06
  • Genre: Manga


Somehow Chako ended up as a fake couple with a mysterious man called Isshin, who works for her family's tea farm. To save their struggling tea farm, the lie mustn't be revealed... However, this fake couple keeps facing challenges one after another, such as a TV interview, a hot spring stay, and a wedding project! At first, Chako was annoyed by blunt and cold Isshin, but she's getting drawn to him as she notices how passionate he is about tea making... Also, you can't forget about the matured four-year-old girl, Futaba! It's a tricky love story between the stubborn adults living under the same roof. The long-awaited second volume is now out!