Hotcakes and Homicide - Wendy Meadows

Hotcakes and Homicide

By Wendy Meadows

  • Release Date: 2023-03-24
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


This winter wonderland is hiding a dangerous killer...

Amateur sleuth Bethany Lights is eager to enjoy a cozy Thanksgiving with her family and settle into her new home in the beautiful town of Snow Falls, Alaska. But when her crazy Uncle Riley appears on her doorstep, a holiday headache quickly turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse game when a body turns up in the snow.

Determined to solve the mystery, Bethany's simple investigation soon sends her tumbling down a sinister rabbit hole into a world of sharp secrets and painful truths that all seem to revolve around her crazy uncle. With the town crippled by a vicious snowstorm and a ruthless murderer on the prowl, Bethany finds herself embroiled in a battle of wits that could have devastating consequences.

And after her best friend and uncle are kidnapped, Bethany is forced out into an icy world where a deadly snowman is waiting for her...

Will Bethany survive Thanksgiving and save the day? Or will she end up as frozen leftovers on the plate of an unseen killer?