Enchant - Tameri Etherton


By Tameri Etherton

  • Release Date: 2023-02-21
  • Genre: Fantasy


An enchanted apple. A forbidden love. Just one bite to end it all. Lady Eira Cannaid is the fairest in all the land, but beneath her beauty lies the scars inflicted by her abusive stepmother. Raised far from court, Eira is lured to the palace with the promise of a ball. One night of dancing won’t make all her dreams come true, but it’s a welcome break from the monotony of her life. But promises are easily broken. Eira soon realizes her scheming stepmother is determined to raise her own standing at court by bartering Eira’s virginity to the king as his bride. In a land where magic is forbidden, Eira possesses something far more valuable than her maidenhood. Something she’s kept hidden even from her stepmother. A power swirling in her blood that she must learn to control or risk it being used against her. Lurking in the shadows is the king’s heir, a prince willing to court the ire of his father to claim what he believes is rightfully his—and he’ll do anything to ruin Eira before his father has the chance. To escape not just the prince’s threats, but the unwanted marriage, and her stepmother’s nefarious schemes, Eira will have to trust a complete stranger. A handsome huntsman who could be either her salvation, or her undoing. The path to her happily ever after is paved with treachery, deceit, and betrayal. Eira will risk everything to claim what’s rightfully hers, and it begins with an enchanted apple that will end her life. Enchant is the first book in a new series featuring court intrigue, hidden royalty, and a compelling enemies-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans who enjoy fairytale retellings with darker themes. ~~~~ Content warnings can be found on the author's website.