Mortal (Book One) - Bella Lore

Mortal (Book One)

By Bella Lore

  • Release Date: 2023-03-07
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4
From 177 Ratings


MORTAL is book #1 in a new paranormal romance series by bestselling author Bella Lore, whose series MY TRUE MATE and THE ALPHA’S MATE have over 500 five-star reviews.
“I couldn’t stop reading.”
--Reader review (My True Mate)
When her father suddenly dies, Winter Grace, 17, is forced to fly across the country and attend a mysterious prep school, an ancient castle in a fog-covered island on the coast of Maine. Nothing here is what it seems, and it isn’t long before Winter, feeling a surging power for the first time, realizes that she is not who—or what—she thinks she is.
But when Winter feels an inexplicable crush for an elusive and dangerous boy at the school, she realizes a greater destiny is at play. She knows the relationship might destroy them both—yet she also knows that they can never be apart.
Will Winter sacrifice it all to be with the one she loves?
Creating an unforgettable world of vampires, werewolves, shifters and magic of all sorts, a world of fantasy, love and sacrifice, MORTAL will take you to another place, rife with shocking twists and turns. Fans of books such as Vampire Academy and Twilight and Crush are sure to fall in love!
Future books in the series are also available.
"The story was very well written and was unique as compared to other shifter stories.”
--Reader review (The Alpha’s Mate)
“Excellent from start to finish and leaves you wanting more.”
--Reader review (My True Mate)


  • Underwhelming & poorly written

    By clemreads
    The weirdest book I’ve ever read. Had potential to be a great read but the plot was all over the place and unclear, the characters all unlike-able, all the conflicts were random and rush. Overall not worth the time I spent reading this, which was admittedly not long since it’s relatively short but yeah 2/10 would not recommend.
  • Fun Read

    By Boo*4
    This is a fun and fast read, but it’s so much like another book series I have read, that I can guess what will happen next.
  • 👍🏻

    By -----------------------;)
    It was good I couldn’t put it done but I felt like something was missing like I needed a little more substance for example the whole book takes course over 1 week and she is struggling with all the emotions of what’s going on and then at the end she’s all of a sudden so courageous and bold I dunno it’s just a little hard to believe
  • Limited

    By Karenknowshowtoplay
    The plot is very good but the toss between tenses doesn’t make any sense. This is definitely written by someone who didn’t have the highest marks in grammar or Language Arts. Hopefully, she uses my 2.99 to help fund going back to school.