Mail Order Magnificence - Kirsten Osbourne

Mail Order Magnificence

By Kirsten Osbourne

  • Release Date: 2023-03-09
  • Genre: Romance


As Betsy O'Brien's last sister married Betsy's own crush, she knew it was time to leave Beckham, Massachusetts, where she was seen only as "that other O'Brien girl." After talking to Elizabeth Tandy, a woman who ran a matchmaking business, she agreed to go west and marry a stranger with two children.

When Marvin Small's mother leaves Wyoming and returns to her own life back east, he knows he needs someone to help with his daughter, Candy, who has become terribly withdrawn since her mother passed. He did the only thing he knew to do and sent off for a bride.

When Betsy steps off the train and meets the Small children, she knows that she would do anything to protect Candy and Tommy. She's sees herself in Candy and immediately decides she will do whatever it takes to bring the girl out of her shell.

Will differences in child-rearing ideas keep Marvin and Betsy from getting along? Or will they realize they're right for one another?