Beginning’s End Series Box Set Books #1-3 - W.J. May

Beginning’s End Series Box Set Books #1-3

By W.J. May

  • Release Date: 2023-03-09
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4
From 71 Ratings


USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May, brings you the story of how the prophecies began--before Evie, before Katerina--starting from the very beginning. The Beginning's End Series is a prequel and continuation of the bestselling YA/NA series about love, betrayal, magic and fantasy. Welcome to W.J. May's world of paranormal, full of shifters, fae, fairy, witches, dragons, dark magic... and did I mention the vampires?

Book 1 - Beginnings

You've read the ending, but there is a beginning to every story…

Centuries before the creation of the five kingdoms, when the great houses were still forming and the realm was ruled by fae, a small band of companions set out on a journey.

Kiera had never left her village. It was a stroke of luck that she wasn't there when the dragon attacked. Without any friends or family, without a shred of hope that anyone might believe her, she strikes off alone into the forest, looking for people that can help.

The world is new and untamed. The people are leaderless and wild. There has never been an alliance to unite them, but an alliance is exactly what the realm needs.

Because a darkness is coming. One that threatens to consume them all…

Book 2 - Curiosity

Life's a game of chance…

When Kiera's village was destroyed by a three-headed dragon, she thought her biggest problem was going to be getting people to believe her story. Little did she know, the dragon was going to be the least of her troubles…

After finding the proof they needed in the charred remains of Cattaling, the three friends set out on a journey across the realm to find the answers that they seek.

But the road is often perilous and filled with creatures that would kill them just as easily as a dragon. When the bonds between them are tested, they're found to be new—easy to splinter and break.

The journey seems endless and time is not on their side. It's only a matter of time before the creature returns, and when it does, they need to be ready. How does one fight such an enemy? Where could it have been hiding all this time? Can just three lone companions make a difference?

Or are the fates simply not on their side?

Book 3 - Scrutiny

How do you answer, when the devil comes to call?

When a swarm of monsters crashed out of the forest, Kiera thought it would be a struggle just to stay alive. But it's not enough to survive, one must also defend. And as fate would have it, there was an ever greater danger lurking in those trees.

Old enemies surface and ancient grudges come to light, as a new player enters the field. One that could bring ruin to them all. One whose intentions are never quite what they seem. The newfound fellowship is shaken to the core, but as they are constantly reminded, time is not on their side.

Other places in the realm have felt the burn of the dragon. A strange change is coming over the land, creeping like a shadow, silent as a dream. With no kingdoms there to stop it, no massing armies to fight back, such a darkness could consume them.

The friends need answers. But will they get them in time…?



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