Make Something Wonderful - Steve Jobs

Make Something Wonderful

By Steve Jobs

  • Release Date: 2023-04-11
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 962 Ratings


A curated collection of Steve’s speeches, interviews and correspondence, Make Something Wonderful offers an unparalleled window into how one of the world’s most creative entrepreneurs approached his life and work.

Across the pages of this book, Steve shares his perspective on his childhood, on launching and being pushed out of Apple, on his time with Pixar and NeXT, and on his ultimate return to the company that started it all.

Featuring an introduction by Laurene Powell Jobs and edited by Leslie Berlin, founding executive director of the Steve Jobs Archive, this beautiful handbook is designed to inspire readers to make their own “wonderful somethings” that move the world forward.


  • Awesome

    By Voiceover tester
    A thought provoking and very interesting book
  • Wonderful

    By Dontshoot86
    An absolute joy to read the inner thoughts of a highly influential individual. Through emails, speeches, and interviews you get a good look at who the adult Steve Jobs was.
  • My first book ever, many more to come

    I had no idea how a book can transport you in a conference room, behind the stage, in an employee meeting, sitting along side Steve wiring the emails to himself. I have re discover my imagination, something that we all have a child but loose somewhere along the way in life. I will read many other adventures in the future. This books shows that Steve was just a person like you an I, with fear, love, anger and many other emotions but something that he did understood very clearly from the beginning is that he could not change the world alone. Leadership is not knowing more than the reset but to know that the reset know more than leadership. See talent, stay hungry & stay foolish.
  • Amazing book

    By AJ#9
    One of the best books I have read - insightful, inspirational, and opens a window into the life of an amazing man and his dream to change the world. Thank you Steve
  • stay hungry. Stay foolish

    By d1mens10n
    I am in awe of the insight I gained into Steve’s inner world and what motivated him to do things that most individuals would never dare attempt. As someone who has been to Apple Park, the photo of him viewing test materials gave me literal chills. Thank you Steve, for everything you did for humanity.
  • Wonderful

    By Kunal Dhodapkar
    Wonderful thoughts of a great man.
  • A good compilation

    By MacNerd
    This books is a wonderful compilation of Steve’s thoughts, speeches, emails and his general communication with others. Though, many of the these words are read, and reproduced infinitesimally across different media, this is a well bound compilation, which is interesting to read, and motivating.
  • Inspiring

    By KJOHN131
    As a digital marketer who has always looked up to Steve Jobs and never knew more than half of the things in this book, I highly recommend! Filled with nuggets of honesty and lessons, I can only image what the world would look like today without Steve Jobs.
  • Make Something Wonderful

    By Nsbpatty
    A solid overview of what was happening right under my nose while I was too busy getting stoned. A great read.
  • Awesome memories

    By johnd3
    Having worked at Apple from 1988-2013, and having been a Mac user/evangelist since 1984, I was entranced by how well this book captured Steve’s passion and ideals. I remember many of the emails and discussions about the progress and challenges. As a MacWorld presenter, I remember Steve basking in the joy of the audience as he introduced “just one more thing.” Having experienced the Apple of John Sculley, Mike Spindler and Gil Amelio, I was very glad to be able to tell Steve “Welcome back.” He will always be an inspiration.