Naema, The Witch - John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester & Vera Kryzhanovskaia

Naema, The Witch

By John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester & Vera Kryzhanovskaia

  • Release Date: 2023-05-17
  • Genre: Spirituality


In the year 1485, a madness of destruction spread across Germany. The fear of magic and witchcraft floated in the air like a black cloud. Everywhere, the disturbed people perceived witches and witchcraft, spells and evils. Bonfires constantly burn, devouring for hundreds of years the innocent or culpable victims that iniquitous judges delivered to the executioners, opening a vast and fertile field for perversity and personal hatred.
Leonor, of dazzling beauty and a delicate and classic countenance, is accused of witchcraft and condemned to hell, to get rid of the torment through a sinister pact made with Maestro Leonardo, a mysterious personage possessor of enormous powers.
Naema, the witch, or the legend of the wax statue, survives at the pace of the centuries and transmits from generation to generation the story of Maestro Leonardo, of his victim Leonor, and of the great victory obtained by goodness against the forces of the abyss.