The Azure Kingdom - Michelle Dare

The Azure Kingdom

By Michelle Dare

  • Release Date: 2023-05-23
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4
From 97 Ratings


It starts with a dream.

When my mother died, I lost the last family member I had. The antique store was her passion, not mine. I’d rather spend my time reliving my dreams about the man who’s always just out of reach.

What my mother never told me was she was hiding something that would alter my life.

Not many people can say they have a key to another realm. Or that within the realm is the father they’ve never met.

That person is me. My father is the king in a land I didn’t know existed. I’m so using that key.

When I get there, I find the literal man of my dreams. Not only is he handsome but he’s a prince and an elite fighter. A man I’m not sure if I should fear or kiss.

I’m told my father isn’t the man I pictured, and instead is vile and vicious. I wonder if I made the worst decision of my life coming here.

I still have the key. I could go home.

I also have a prince vowing to protect me with his life.

Falling for him is easy.

Becoming a pawn in my father’s game is not.

The Azure Kingdom is book one in the Iridescent Realm series. It features a strong heroine and a sexy prince, who can only fight what is meant to be for so long. This book contains explicit content and graphic violence intended for those 18 and over. Each book in the series ends with a happily ever after.


  • Love story

    By vlt916
    Cool and calculated, the author penned a timeless love story of an unlikely pair.
  • Cool premise but lacking

    By Everettjb
    The idea of a world hidden behind a secret door is one I’ve loved forever so when I found this book I was excited. The beginning was promising but there was an amateurish feeling to it, with ineffective devices and a very superficial plot. The characters were likable and interesting but their motivations were all tied to romantic attraction and the extreme political tensions between kingdoms were never developed, and so fell completely flat. Even the romance was awkward, being very sex-driven even with the characters claiming they wanted to take it slow. There just didn’t seem to be a point except to get this girl into a physical relationship with her (literal) dream guy. Oh, and have dragons, which were cool. Just wish it could have been more rich and rewarding.
  • Great Read

    By Malibu Moon
    I LOVED THIS BOOK! The author has an amazing imagination! Held my attention from beginning to end!