The Democrat Party Hates America - Mark R. Levin

The Democrat Party Hates America

By Mark R. Levin

  • Release Date: 2023-09-19
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 3.5
From 112 Ratings



The eight-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, radio host, and Fox News star returns to the page to reveal the radically dangerous Democrat agenda that is upending American life.

In American Marxism, Mark Levin explained how Marxist ideology has invaded our society and culture. In doing so, he exposed the institutions, scholars, and activists leading the revolution. Now, he picks up where he left off: to hold responsible the true malefactors steering our country down the wrong path.

Insightful and hard-hitting as ever, Levin proves that since its establishment, the Democrat Party has set out to rewrite history and destroy the foundation of freedom in America. More than a political party, it is the entity through which Marxism has installed its philosophy and its new revolution.

As in a Thomas Paine pamphlet or a clarion call from Paul Revere, Levin alerts his fellow Americans to the destruction this country is facing, and rallies them to defeat the threat in front of us—more looming than ever. He writes, “Every legal, legitimate, and appropriate tool and method must be employed in the short- and long- run to defeat the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party must be resoundingly conquered in the next election and several elections thereafter, or it will become extremely difficult to undo the damage it is unleashing at breakneck pace.”


  • The Great One

    By Westsideconnetion
    This book is his best yet! Mark describes the Democratic Party and its horrible history of supporting slavery, Jim Crow, the klan and segregation. The Democratic Party has now focused its energy on being a communist organization focusing on dividing American citizens based on race, gender and financial status. I recommend this book as a must have.
  • Very opinionated and not facts

    By naftali122
    Firstly, excuse my writing as English is my third language… but I do read a lot. I’m not a political expert and I’m actually more republican than democrat. But this book is just “opinions”. I’ll give one example: he writes that when Obama said we will “fundamentally transform “, that meant that he didn’t love America, arguing that when someone says that on their spouse it means you don’t love them. While it’s a very clever argument, everyone understands that it doesn’t mean that… so it’s ignorant IMHO to say such an argument. Then he continues saying that when Biden said something “he meant that…” again putting in his words for Biden. It’s very opinionated but like his talks (and like all others who are show hosts…) just not based on true facts but rather on opinion
  • Hugh

    By NYYazFan
  • Complete rubbish

    By Jolen Geo Starr
    So ironic that conservative democrats moved over to the Republican Party and are now pointing the finger at progressive democrats for something conservatives did, all the while espousing the same rhetoric that they did back then. Sad that people can be so brainwashed to believe this crap.
  • Gonzales 79

    By Gonzales 79
    This books is an outstanding piece of literature. The history that is not being taught in schools and all backed by footnotes you can look up for your self if you care to be honest and open minded about the truth.
  • Projection…

    By earthlingdave
    Just remember when reading this, every Republican accusation is a confession… “If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.” - David Frum
  • If you like and believe Fox News…

    By JanaeTx
    If you like and believe Fox News, you will like this book. The author uses opinions, half truths and outright lies to push an agenda.
  • Exceptional Book for Americans!

    By wjebo2
    Well written, well documented, exceptional critical analysis of the perversion of the Democratic Party. Mark Levin has written a frightening warning — Read and Heed America!
  • Another well written, factually accurate book from Levin

    By handsofmatt
    Meticulously researched and foot-noted. Mr. Levin ALWAYS documents and supports his writing with facts and the documents he is citing from. The garbage reviews from others only prove to show their ignorance of history and I seriously doubt they actually read this book
  • Chip chit

    By MrBacon1977
    I got pickles in my bumhole