Canon EOS R50 For Dummies - Julie Adair King & Theano Nikitas

Canon EOS R50 For Dummies

By Julie Adair King & Theano Nikitas

  • Release Date: 2023-09-06
  • Genre: Digital Media


Move on from phone snapshots and start making amazing images

Canon EOS R50 For Dummies helps you create superior photo and video content, with step-by-step instructions for how to make the most of this advanced, interchangeable-lens digital camera. You’ll walk through the controls, interface, and accessories of the Canon EOS R50, and you’ll learn the basics of image-making, so you can take impressive shots, even if you’ve never taken a photography class. Let this Dummies guide be your teacher as you learn to take great action shots, stunning portraits, detailed closeups, low-light photos, and professional-looking video.
Learn your way around the Canon EOS R50 and its settings and controls Get familiar with common photography terms and basic techniques Start shooting right away with user-friendly instructions on using automatic modes Go manual to adjust focus, color, sharpness, and more to get the look you’re after
Photography hobbyists and content creators will love Canon EOS R50 For Dummies, the quick-start guide to the camera built for those looking for superior photo and video results.