Camino Ghosts - John Grisham

Camino Ghosts

By John Grisham

  • Release Date: 2024-05-28
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 1,196 Ratings


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • John Grisham takes you back to Camino Island, where bookseller Bruce Cable and novelist Mercer Mann always manage to find trouble in paradise.

Mercer Mann, a popular writer from Camino Island, is back on the beach, marrying her boyfriend, Thomas, in a seaside ceremony. Bruce Cable, infamous owner of Bay Books, performs the wedding. Afterward, Bruce tells Mercer that he has stumbled upon an incredible story. Mercer desperately needs an idea for her next novel, and Bruce now has one.
The true story is about Dark Isle, a sliver of a barrier island not far off the North Florida coast. It was settled by freed slaves three hundred years ago, and their descendants lived there until 1955, when the last one was forced to leave. That last descendant is Lovely Jackson, elderly now, who loves her birthplace and its remarkable history. But now Tidal Breeze, a huge, ruthless corporate developer, wants to build a resort and casino on the island, which Lovely knows, deep down, is rightfully hers.
Mercer befriends Lovely, and they plunge into an enormous fight over who owns Dark Isle, taking on Tidal Breeze Corporation, its lawyers, lobbyists, and powerful Florida politicians. But Lovely knows something about the island that could seriously cloud the dollar signs in the developer’s eyes: the island is cursed. It has remained uninhabited for nearly a century for some very real and very troubling reasons. The deep secrets of the past are about to collide with the enormous ambitions of the present, and the fate of Dark Isle—and Camino Island, too—hangs in the balance.


  • Dark Isle Story - worth telling

    By General57
    Back with the group that we love from Camino Island. One fine read. Runaway slaves living in secret on Dark Isle. Voodoo curse and the last person to live on the Isle. The heroine dogged determination to keep the story alive of human beings stolen from their homeland. You cannot read this book without wondering how a brand new country let this happen.
  • A bored Author

    By booker 75
    This was a great read until the last third of the book where the authors seem to get lost or bored with righting it. Much of the set up for intrigue just deflated in the end.
  • Not a particularly good read

    By Dr Mom 29
    Interesting facts but too many tiny inconsequential details, characters and aside story lines.
  • Story lines continue to weaken

    By Not CNN for sure
    A simple, straightforward read. Nothing in it compares to his early masterpieces. Read only if your flight is delayed and you are spending the night on a cot at the airport. The book will be better than the cot….
  • JR

    By 1248gaz
    Lovely Jackson makes a delightful protagonist. The entire cast of characters from Camino Island make this book difficult to put down

    By PattyMarch
    I, like many other Grisham fans, love the courtroom drama filled stories he is famous for. This story, which includes some courtroom drama, came alive with Lovely’s and her ancestors stories- heart wrenching and heartbreaking history that should never be forgotten. This story sucked me in and I couldn’t put down the book. Loved the story and the characters! PattyMarch
  • Leave Politics on the sidelines

    By Frankie 6996
    Could have been a decent story if we hadn’t had a PC agenda shoved down our throats.
  • Outstanding book

    By Dan Vermilion
    This was one of the best books I have ever read. And I read many. Dan
  • Finished 11% and had to walk away…

    By gv-
    Big Grisham fan. This story took on a departure from his usual legal thrillers he is famously known for. This is probably the third author this year where I could not finish the book for similar reasons. What gives?! Unfortunately, future Grisham books will be sampled before purchasing. Let’s hope for returning to what works and what your fans want.
  • Camino Ghosts

    By Joanabake
    This book was a great read for the moving history of African Americans bound for slavery but who ended up on a tiny island off the coast of Florida in the 19th century. It is fiction of course but the story rings true and the efforts of the also fictional cast of characters to discover the secrets of Dark Isle and to preserve its heritage made it one of Grisham’s more unique books.