The Wrong Girl - C.J. Archer

The Wrong Girl

By C.J. Archer

  • Release Date: 2013-05-31
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy
Score: 4
From 1,849 Ratings


"This is one of my favourite books I’ve read this year... I can’t praise it enough... The real stand out for this was the writing and the character voice." ~ The Moonlight Library

"The writing in The Wrong Girl was beautiful. There were so many quotes that I wanted to write down, and keep... The world building, and the plot drew me in from the get go, and didn’t falter until the last sentence." ~ Books For A Delicate Eternity

"This was one fantastic read! A really fascinating story which I couldn't put down, so this is easily a 5 stars." ~ Tea Party Princess

It's customary for Gothic romance novels to include a mysterious girl locked in the attic. Hannah Smith just wishes she wasn't that girl. As a narcoleptic and the companion to an earl's daughter with a strange affliction of her own, Hannah knows she's lucky to have a roof over her head and food in her belly when so many orphans starve on the streets. Yet freedom is something Hannah longs for. She did not, however, want her freedom to arrive in the form of kidnapping.

Taken by handsome Jack Langley to a place known as Freak House, she finds herself under the same roof as a mad scientist, his niece, a mute servant and Jack, a fire starter with a mysterious past. They assure Hannah she is not a prisoner and that they want to help her. The problem is, they think she's the earl's daughter. What will they do when they discover they took the wrong girl?


When I set out to write the Freak House series, I wanted to put my own spin on the Gothic novels of the Victorian era. I've always loved their creepiness, the secrets, and the romance too, but I wanted to see the story from the perspective of the character that is often present but never the heroine - the girl kept in the attic.

I hope you'll enjoy this trilogy as much as I enjoyed writing it.



  • Good Read

    By Jess&Toney
    It was a good quick like read. I would recommend it and will probably buy the next in the series.
  • This kept my interest and had me trying to read faster to find out what happened.

    By cajliving
    It was a great book
  • GOOD BOOK☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️

    By hotHot dog
    I love this book because it is mysterious🧐🕵🏻‍♀️ it’s not scary but I ❤️ it so thank you for doing this for us!!!☺️🤗
  • Original read

    By Katie_Aspiring_Author
    The book had an interesting aspect to them being fire starters. I throughly enjoyed to read this book.
  • Very Engaging!

    By Yoopergirl89
    This had me hooked from the first page! I kept wondering what was going to happen next through the entirety of this book. I still have questions now that I’ve finished it so I’m looking forward to reading #2 in the Freak House series!
  • Amazing

    By harmonyluvvv
    I really enjoyed this read it really drew me in and I’m looking forward to reading the next book!!
  • Couldn’t get into book

    By Trappercat11
    The basic premise of the book wasn’t grabbing my interest. I stopped around 1/3 into it. I’ve got loads of books, and don’t need to read this one.
  • A great story

    By Redd628462
    I love the fantasy genre, but these days it’s hard to find anything that isn’t about vampires, werwolves, or witches. And even then, books written by inexperienced authors can often read like bad fan fiction. This was a refreshing change and a well written story. I read the full trilogy in a week. I did dock one star because I felt the romance between Jack and Hannah was a bit cheesy. No build to their relationship, they unrealistically fall immediately into love without really knowing each other. Jack came off as needy and obsessive. Felt like a romance story for teenagers. The rest of the story was delightful though.
  • Exciting and fun

    By kayykayy33
    I love love loved reading this book. It was fun and I loved that it was set in the Victorian era. The twists was exciting. There were times I couldn’t put it down. The poems that were in it were beautiful also
  • Amazing

    By peaches406359
    This book truly draws you into the story. There were twists and things you really weren’t going to see coming. It was a great book.