Hunting the Dream - M. R. James

Hunting the Dream

By M. R. James

  • Release Date: 2013-05-18
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


A Man, His Magazine, the Adventures

"Hunting the Dream" is much more than the typical info-packed book artfully crafted by award-winning journalist and Hall of Fame archer, M. R. James. Much more, it’s a candid and reflective memoir spotlighting the storybook life, remarkable career, and unforgettable outdoor adventures of a man whose millions of published words have inspired and guided legions of loyal readers for half a century.

Narrated with trademark honesty, this new book blends doses of wry humor with heartfelt sorrow, true-to-life dialog, meaningful anecdotes, and vivid word paintings created by a master wordsmith. The end result is an eminently readable, entertaining, and enlightening work that will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a long and successful life’s story well-told.

With tantalizing titles such as “Country Girls and Cut Pigs,” “One Way to Kill a Wife,” “A Bear’s in My Tent,” Christy Looks Different with Her Clothes On,” and “A $20,000 Haircut,”
"Hunting the Dream"’s unfolding chapters trace a boy’s long journey from his small town roots to a grown man’s leadership role in helping millions successfully bridge the chasm between an ancient outdoor pastime and a challenging modern sport embraced by a growing 21st century army of archers and bowhunters.