Space Shuttle Interactive - Daniel Pilson

Space Shuttle Interactive

By Daniel Pilson

  • Release Date: 2013-05-23
  • Genre: Science & Nature
Score: 4.5
From 7 Ratings


Space Shuttle Interactive has been designed for a rich multimedia experience on the ipad.  Your senses of sight, touch and sound will let you explore the wonderful world of the Space Shuttle.

This amazing vehicle is a rocket, an orbiting satellite and a plane that glides back to an earth-based runway to be reused flight after flight.  Let’s discover what a shuttle crew does on a mission, how the shuttle works and how much this extraordinary fleet of orbiters has accomplished over its 30 years of triumphs and tragedies.

Visually experience how a shuttle stack weighing nearly three million pounds is transported from the gigantic Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad by a Crawler-Transporter that is as wide as an eight-lane highway.  Learn interactively how the Space Shuttle helped build the largest ever orbiting spacecraft, the International Space Station.  Discover some of the shuttle’s technology spinoffs such as a tiny heart pump used to save lives of heart transplant patients.

Take a cinematic ride with each of the Space Shuttle’s on their flights to new scientific frontiers.  Interact with the Space Shuttle’s Mission Directory to discover what the orbiters, payloads and crew encountered during their 135 journeys into space.  After traveling over a half a billion miles, where are the shuttles now and what is their latest mission?

Discover for yourself why Space Shuttle Interactive is an exceptional experience made for your ipad.  You are just a touch away to download and liftoff.


  • A wonderful book!

    By w. c. h.
    Space Shuttle Interactive is a great book. It was fun and I learned so much.
  • An incredible book!

    By BDLedesma
    This book is absolutely amazing! From beginning to end, filling my eyes with beautiful photos and interactivity, I couldn't put my iPad down. Whether you want to learn about the Space Shuttle and all its wonderful achievements or just want an exceptional and fun book, I highly recommend Space Shuttle Interactive. In my opinion it's a bestseller.
  • A fabulous experience!

    By CJHalfaker
    Space Shuttle Interactive is the best book I've ever read and experienced. Its interactivity is well beyond any book out there. From experiencing a Space Shuttle launch to learning about how the shuttle works this book is unbelievably rich. You literally discover the three-dimensional world of this exceptional spacecraft. SSI breaks the boundaries of normal books and allows you to relive this wonderful era in space exploration. Don't wait! This book is for anyone who wants to discover what a wonderful experience a book can be on the iPad.
  • Loved this book

    By DSchmidt69
    Very informative and interactive book on the space shuttle in easy to understand language. Great graphics. A book to be enjoyed by the entire family wanting to learn more about the space shuttle, it's history and beyond. Looking forward to reading more informative books by this author.