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  • Good and bad qualities, but mostly bad

    By icantwait48
    As an avid viewer of both "16 & Pregnant" and "Teen Mom", I'm glad to have found this book. It tells the truth, at least about what fame does to a person. The downside: so poorly written. The grammar is fine, but who edited this book? The correct spelling of "publically" is "publicly". As a grammar nazi, it drove me nuts. Punctuation was also in places it wasn't supposed to be and vice versa. As I read, I felt as if I were just reading from a HollywoodLife news article, which I guess is pretty entertaining, too. As I read the book, I felt a sense of bias toward the fame that MTV brought to the girls and their families. The writers did their best to tell the truth, but, especially with their sources, I felt as if 50% of the stuff they said were lies, too. While it's a fun read, we can never know the complete truth behind the scenes. I'm still skeptical as to how legitimate all this information is, but I know for a fact that whatever is in this book is far more realistic than what happened onscreen.
  • amazed!

    By smoody93
    Amazing amazing book. I am SOOOOO glad i bought it. You won't be let down. I am positive they probably worked really hard on this book, so give them credit and be appreciative for them writing and making this book for us! Way to go Ashley and Sean!!!