Top 100 Tips for Business Turnaround - Paul Davis

Top 100 Tips for Business Turnaround

By Paul Davis

  • Release Date: 2013-06-05
  • Genre: Management & Leadership


From Red to Black. Get Your Company Back on Track...

With Top 100 Tips for Business Turnaround

You know all the common excuses: the slowing economy, the government policies, the marketing clutter, the low customer confidence...

You also know you got to do something, and something fast, to turn your business that’s bleeding into one that not only survives but thrives!

Get the how-to’s and what-not-to’s about corporate survival in the eBook The Top 100 Tips for Business Turnaround from leading business growth specialist, Paul Davis.
Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition.

Ask yourself the 10 crucial “Questions of Profitability”. Then learn how to increase profits through your customers, suppliers, employees, and processes.

Are you a small or medium enterprise? Learn how to sharpen your focus and marketing skills.
Discover the crucial pointers that can help you determine if your business needs a turnaround. And if yes, learn how to do it by reviewing, planning, developing, communicating, implementing, and measuring.

Get your cash flow in gear. Discover the areas of leverage every company has. Finally, know how to beat the recession and be innovative.

The Top 100 Tips for Business Turnaround eBook helps you get your company back on track.
Among its 21 pages, you will also find a sprinkling of inspiring, insightful sayings from revered leading personalities from different walks of life.