Potato Wedges for the Heart - Wolfgang Riebe

Potato Wedges for the Heart

By Wolfgang Riebe

  • Release Date: 2013-05-22
  • Genre: Self-Improvement



Chicken Soup of the Soul is a world best seller and phenomenal book! Well, here is it's brother… Potato Wedges from the Heart!

When you picture a potato wedge, what comes to mind? Something warm, tasty and cosy?

That's what this life-changing book is... a collection of short, tasty inspirational stories collected from all over the world, by unknown authors. They will not only touch your heart, but also feed your soul. Careful consideration and deep thought has gone into the selection of stories, insights and life lessons that are shared in this book. Wolfgang also shares his interpretation of all the thoughts shared, in order to expand on the meaning and give you real value from each story.

Most stories are only one page long, yet have so much depth that just reading one insight per day will give you a new meaning to life. All stories are expanded upon with many more anecdotes, personal experiences and quotations.

If you want to put your life back into perspective, be inspired, and find the magic within yourself again, this book could just the answer!